It's A Leaker

Water Leak

Three Ways To Avoid A Water Catastrophe

  • Disconnect or turn off outside faucets for the winter. Make sure all hoses and attachments are taken off any outside faucets. A common over site is a splitter allowing the user to operate two or more hoses from the same outlet. If possible, turn the outside faucets off from the inside and leave the faucet open. In my experience, even a frost free hydrant will freeze if not disconnected.
  • Turn your water off when leaving your home for an extended period. Leaks can develop while you are away, creating an unpleasant return home. Sometimes plumbing fittings or fixtures break without warning.
  • Maintain water quality. Click here to schedule a free assessment of your water.

Corrosion can also be accelerated by:

1) low pH (acidic water) and high pH (alkaline water)- For high alkalinity water - it is possible that a chemical scale may form that would help to protect against corrosion, but if a bacteria becomes established the scale, such as SRB (sulfur reducing bacteria), you may experience a problem related to Microbiologically Induced Corrosion or MIC;

2) high flow rate within the piping can cause physical corrosion;

3) high water temperature can increase biological rate of growth and chemical corrosion;

4) oxygen and dissolved CO2 or other gasses can induce corrosion;

5) high dissolved solids, such as salts and sulfates, can induce chemical or bio-chemical corrosion.

*excerpt taken from Water Research Center's article. Click Here To Read More

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Rantz Martin, Owner