Six Water Treatment Myths Debunked

Soft water is wonderful for so many reasons

Soft water is wonderful for so many reasons - brighter laundry, spot free dishes, and  vibrant hair. Your appliances will be more energy efficient and last longer. You'll clean less and use half as much soap.

Clean Water Solutions can recommend simple, easy solutions for high-quality soft water in your home.

Below are a few very common misconceptions about water softeners. Check out the article below and call us at 717-799-1816 to set up a time for your free recommendation.

Common Water Treatment Myths

javascript:void(0)Myth No. 1 : You can soften water with a salt-free system.
Truth:  Salt free systems are anti-scale only. Truly soft water comes only through an ion exchange softener.

Myth No. 2 : By removing dissolved solids from water you will deprive your body of healthy nutrients like calcium and magnesium, prevalent in hard water.
Truth:  Eating a healthy diet of fruits & vegetables is far more beneficial than even the best of water.

Myth No. 3 : Softened water leaves a film on your skin because something has been added to your water.
Truth:  The slipperiness you feel with soft water is the natural oils of your skin coupled with the lack of soap scum left behind by hard water.    

Myth No. 4 : Softeners add extra salt to your water.
Truth:  Salt is not added to the water. Softeners exchange sodium ions in place of calcium or mineral ions at a very low level.

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