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Designer faucets and refrigerator hook up available. 

What is a Boil Water Advisory (BWA) and why is it issued?

A BWA is issued to protect the community from waterborne emergency. The advisory is issued as a precautionary measure when there is concern that contamination may have occurred during water treatment or due to water main pipe repair. Due to a change in the way the state Department of Environmental Protection views a "waterborne emergency", many water line breaks and routine maintenance repairs now require the issuance of a BWA.

Touchless Kitchen Faucet
Have you noticed your kitchen faucet lately? Your faucet that was once new, bright, and modern may now be dull, outdated, and leaking due to hard water or high chlorine. 
It's time to brighten the look of your kitchen! 
There are many fantastic faucets to choose from. Common choices include pull downs with sprayers, touch or hands free turn on, or a basic chrome single lever.
Water Leak

Three Ways To Avoid A Water Catastrophe

  • Disconnect or turn off outside faucets for the winter. Make sure all hoses and attachments are taken off any outside faucets. A common over site is a splitter allowing the user to operate two or more hoses from the same outlet. If possible, turn the outside faucets off from the inside and leave the faucet open. In my experience, even a frost free hydrant will freeze if not disconnected.
  • Turn your water off when leaving your home for an extended period. Leaks can develop while you are away, creating an unpleasant return home. Sometimes plumbing fittings or fixtures break without warning.
  • Maintain water quality. Click here to schedule a free assessment of your water.
Great water makes great coffee!

Improve the quality of your holiday. Treat your family and friends to fantastic tasting coffee or tea.

Did you know that the quality of your water makes a huge difference? Check out the article below.

Click here to read "Water for Tea Brewing"

Using a quality reverse osmosis and/or raising pH are excellent ways to achieve the results you are looking for.

Soft water is wonderful for so many reasons

Soft water is wonderful for so many reasons - brighter laundry, spot free dishes, and  vibrant hair. Your appliances will be more energy efficient and last longer. You'll clean less and use half as much soap.

Clean Water Solutions can recommend simple, easy solutions for high-quality soft water in your home.

Below are a few very common misconceptions about water softeners. Check out the article below and call us at 717-799-1816 to set up a time for your free recommendation.

Consumer Reports' Water Heater Buying Guide

Want to save 25-50% on your utility bill?

Choosing a quality water heater saves money and keeps your shower from turning cold, even after your teenager is through!

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